Wrapping your Benestar Sandals for Christmas!

Wrapping your Benestar Sandals for Christmas!

If you are like me wrapping gifts can be tricky, we want them to look all Pinterest like but sometimes the reality of that is not to be the case. 

In today's blog post, I have put together some tips and ideas on how to wrap your Benestar Sandals to make them a next level gift for the festive season. 

First up we have our fun Christmas bonbon, you will need: 

- Pinking shears

- Cardboard (you could use a cereal box or similar to recycle) 

- Sticky tape 

- Pretty wrapping paper 

- Ribbons 


Step 1. Place your Benestar Sandals with the soles facing outwards as pictured, I find they sit best this way for wrapping. 

Step 2. Cut your cardboard to size and wrap around your sandals to create a cylinder. 

Step 3. Cut your wrapping paper 1.5 times the size of the shoes using pinking shears for a fun zig zag look, wrap the wrapping paper around the cylinder and tape in place. 

Squish the ends of the paper together and tie with ribbon to create the "bonbon" effect. 

Our second wrapping style is more of a rustic style. 

You will need: 

- Scissors

- Tape 

- Brown paper 

- Twine 

- Native flowers and leaves from your garden 

Step 1: Place your sandals as pictured above so they fit nice and snug and wrap in brown paper. 

Step 2: Adorn your gift with beautiful twine and natural foliage for a rustic look that is so on trend right now. 

I hope you enjoy wrapping your Benestar Sandals and would love to see some photos, feel free to share with the #benestarbabe #benestarsandalsaustralia 

Happy wrapping, 

Sam xx

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