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Today I am so excited to be launching my new website built by photographer & designer, Christine from I wanted a bright, clean, minimalist site that was easy for my customers to navigate and I’m pretty chuffed with my beautiful new online store. 

Did you know that the first Avarca (Spanish for sandal) originated in Menorca over 70 years ago.  Menorca is small beautiful island in the Spanish Mediterranean. It was made from recycled tyres to keep the feet of farmers and villagers cool.  With Australia having a similar climate we love them here too.  Since 1945 three generation of artisans have specialized in making these handcrafted Menorcan sandals in the traditional way.   70 years on, they are more popular than ever right across the world. Different colours and blends are added to the Benestar range to complement the season’s fashions, with first class comfort and sheer durability standing the test of time.   I love my Avarcas you can probably tell!   Some brand new ones will be arriving shortly to add to my existing range. Please stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram.    x Sam D 

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