About Us

Benestar Sandals Australia was established in 2016, bringing the Spanish Avarca Sandals to Australia to complement our summer-loving lifestyle. The sandals are what we know as ‘Benestars’, or as we like to call them, ‘Bennys’. 

Hello, I’m Louise the owner of ‘Benestar Sandals Australia’. I fell in love with the Avarca style of shoes from the very first pair that I bought. Several pairs later I knew that I wanted more and wanted to spread the love of the Avarcas with everyone.    

Every pair of sandals under the Benestar name is 100% authentic and handcrafted on the island of Menorca, Spain using the highest quality leathers, sparkly glitters and stunning fabrics.

Benestar Avarcas have been awarded with the ‘Avarca de Menorca’ label granted by the local Government in Menorca guaranteeing you are getting the real deal traditional artisan made sandals.

Come and explore our online store where you can buy your ‘Bennys’. The perfect go to footwear for any occasion. 




Our feet are our contact with the earth; they bear the weight of our body and have the reflex nerve endings of all our vital organs. This is why our suppliers at Benestar Menorca, continually work to create exclusive footwear made by a master craftsman.

This way we can guarantee the utmost in quality, with extreme attention to details and a unique design made in Menorca.

Benestar was a pioneer in Spain in making comfort shoes. Many studies have been carried out with the aid of podiatrists and have resulted in more than 25 years of refined experience.

Benestar can assure you that here is no better comfort for our feet.

A podiatrist once said:  “Perhaps we do not worry about our feet because they walk on the ground.”