About Us


Hola friends!


I'm Samantha Dever, Proprietor of Benestar Sandals Australia.  My love of shoes, comfort and style led me to these amazing Spanish Sandals. After purchasing a pair ( I never wanted to take them off ) I realised that I was always being asked about the sandals I was wearing... the sandals are what we know as "Benestars". So I created Benestar Sandals Australia to compliment our summer - loving lifestyle.

Every pair of sandals under the Benestar name is 100% authentic and handcrafted on the island of Menorca, Spain using the highest quality leathers, sparkly glitters and stunning fabrics.

Benestar Avarcas have been awarded with the 'Avarca de Menorca' label granted by the local Government in Menorca guaranteeing you are getting the real deal traditionally artisan made sandals. 

The perfect go to footwear for any occasion. 

Love your shoes... love your life x Sam D