General Information

Benestar Avarcas | General Information

Benestar Sandals Australia stocks genuine Menorcan Avarcas, made on the island of Menorca, Spain. These beautiful, handcrafted sandals are designed by me and made by a family of master craftsman who guarantee quality, comfort and stylishly popular designs, cementing their place at the forefront of their industry.

The Avarca is a type of sandal popular in Spain. The style of sandal lends itself to the coastal environment and climate associated with Menorca and as such, is beautifully aligned to compliment customers around Australia for our similar summer-loving lifestyle.

Every product made under the Benestar name is 100% natural, authentic and made with high quality leather.

The Avarcas purchased from Benestar have been awarded the label 'Avarca de Menorca'. This title is only granted by the local Government in Menorca if the Avarcas are actually manufactured in Menorca (ours are!) and meet a set of quality standards (ours do!). So you know when you buy Benestar Australia Avarcas, that you are getting the real deal.


Avarcas Sandals | Materials Information

The Benestar Avarcas are a sandal made using a leather upper and a rubber sole. Their popularity is a result of the ranging patterns, styles and unique leather finishes in addition to being lightweight, yet durable.

In conjunction to the rubber sole, the leather upper of the sandal can be made out of the following products (all 100% leather, but with different features/finishes):

  • Ante |  Suede | Leather finished with a fine velvet-like nap
  • Nubuck | Suede-like leather | Cowhide leather that feels like suede
  • Boxcalf | Leather | A type of leather with a firm consistency and very soft touch
  • Napa | Leather | Typically dyed and noted for its soft temper
  • Potro | Leather 

For any information pertaining to the materials used in making these sandals, please contact us.