Texture all the things!

Texture all the things!

Texture describes the body and surface of materials. Textures maybe rough or smooth, soft or stiff, shiny or dull, thin or thick or any combination of these. Texture is a surface quality related closely to our sense of touch or sight. It can be used to appeal to our senses and make us feel. 

Texture is an important component of fashion styling and can help take your outfit to the next level. 

Benestar Sandals are finished with top quality leather that not only feels but looks good, and blends perfectly with different fabric mediums for example, denim, cotton, linen, suede, and many more. 

When styling your next outfit, why not try blending different textures to take your outfit from drab to fab. Here's a few examples to get you thinking. 

We would love to see how you've styled your outfit, please share a pic on integral and be sure to tag us #benestarbabe #benestarsandalsaustralia

Love Sam xx 

texture styling tips with Benestar Sandals Australia

Benestar Sandals Australia winter styling

Winter styling Benestar Sandals Australia

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